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Crafting, mental health, and the plantitas in between

Months of being stuck at home during this pandemic has surely made our minds wonder about the new skills and talents we could develop whether to entertain ourselves, be productive, or maybe just to keep our minds off our fears and anxiety because of the overwhelming health crisis. Thankfully, this staycation has given us ample “me time” that has allowed us to get in touch with our creative side, which perhaps is one of the good things that have come out of this pandemic. 

This global health emergency has truly changed everything. Suddenly, we see ourselves transform into plantitos and plantitas! Lots of us have become bakers, some have become TikTok dancers, YouTube vloggers, and several more become businessmen. Our social media feeds are filled with fun and unique creative projects our friends got themselves into. Interestingly, immersing ourselves into arts and crafts is a natural response for us humans as creative beings, especially in dealing with our emotions. We use art as our form of self-care and it has become our outlet  to channel our emotions both positive and negative   into beautiful creations. And who said that art only belongs to professional artists? Everyone, even those who cannot paint like da Vinci nor sculpt like Michelangelo, is an artist within themselves. Art is for everyone and it is everywhere: on the way we arrange our plants, how we make our food Instagrammable, and even on the way we match corporate collared tops with pajama bottoms for our Zoom meetings You do that too, right?

Crafting is also a good stress reliever to cope with the struggles we face in these uncertain times. Lots of us feel anxious knowing how powerless we are over the bigger things happening around us. However, crafting lets us experience the opposite because it puts us in control. We control our own time, pace, and we direct ourselves in putting pieces together to finish our creation. In the end, the hours or days we spent on our creative projects give us a sense of productivity and accomplishment. More importantly, not only did it keep us occupied, but it also contributed in nurturing our mental health and overall wellness. Mental health concerns people both young and old. Fortunately, crafting is an exciting activity which can be enjoyed by people who either have an old soul or a young heart, or even both. 

As the pandemic continues, it’s starting to feel like it’s here to stay. However, the show must go on and we should go about our lives in the new normal. But keep in mind that as things slowly get back to how they were, you should keep on looking after your mental health. Find ways to take a break and relax as much as you can. Get your hands on creative projects you’ve been holding back from doing! Go on and try building miniature houses, renovate your room, give embroidery a try, and experiment on those recipes you saved on your phone. Lastly, please be kind to yourself and do not feel guilty about taking a step back to relax and unwind. You have always kept surviving and you have been strong you deserve no less.